Zapya for PC Free Download [Windows XP,7, 8,10] Latest Version | Box of CD (Full Version Software Free Download)

Zapya for PC Free Download [Windows XP,7, 8,10] Latest Version

Zapya for PC Free Download

Zapya for PC Free Download [Windows+Mac]

Zapya for PC Free Download is a Program used for transferring data or files from platform to platforms which is zap, wireless. Information or data in files can be transferred from phone to phone or from phone to OS Mac / Computer without cables. This program is way better than any other programs since it does not need any download separately.

The program has the benefit of not limiting user on the number of files that send to other peoples. User is able to transfer document of any size. Zapya can share videos, photos, music, PDF and any other type of file with limitless size. The file will be transferred to family and friends within a limited period.

At the end of the transfer process you will be smiling at how sweet and amazing the app is. Also Game maniacs now a day have a chance to test their skills and entertain themselves. With the help of this program on your mobile or device, you can play different games such as PaPaPa and YoYo. If you are not able or comfortable with these games than you can download and install other game via this program Zapya app for OS windows at no extra cost? The program can be installed on the Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 laptop as well as on Android mobile or smart phones.

Users of the application are approximated to be more than 110 million worldwide. This situation goes to show that Zapya for PC Free Download is the most excellent application used for transferring file.


Zapya for PC Free Download


Zapya for PC Free Download

Features of Zapya for PC Free Download

  • Transfer speed of up to 10MB/second. This speed is approximated to be 210 times faster than speed of Bluetooth.
  • Free and self-contained powerful sharing network
  • There is no need USB to transfer documents.
  • Automatic installation on another user device
  • Sharing of files is done in a group quickly. The number of files can be sent simultaneously is up to 7 while computer is up to 64.
  • Brilliant user interface

Main Advantage and Disadvantage:


  • Zapya makes possible to transfer files through every Operating System platform including Android, iOS, and Windows phone among others to reach a lot of people.
  • To transfer files, this application does not need internet connectivity for the users. This benefits user who is located in area that do not have the internet yet, they want to transfer any urgent file.
  • Compared to Bluetooth device, the application is much quicker. BitTorrent Free Download Full Version


  • Zapya for windows has a much faster than Bluetooth, the speed  of data transter can be affected by not only the equipment used but also the surrounding.

Most Common users:

Anyone with a mobile or smart phone can use the Zapya PC program. It reduces the amount of time to move files from one mobile device to another. If the device possesses dissimilar platform including Android, Windows and iOS. User can enjoy the easier process of receiving and sending files for example from computer to a smart phone which makes life easy. Gamers also use this app to play different games with other player via the program.

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