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VLC Free Download Full Version

VLC Free Download Full Version

VLC Free Download Full Version

VLC Free Download Full Version

The VLC Free Download Full Version. It’s the well-liked and a famous media player for desktops and Android phones. VLC media player is used to play almost all existing Audio/video formats. a commendable excellence without a doubt. Did you ever think that apart from playing audio/videos. what else you can fetch from the VLC media player? For your kind information, it extends some other exciting features as well. This article helps you to identify its other useful features. Its total Fee download VLC.Player offers a power pack of enticing features. even pro occasionally explores something special while working on it. Following are top 9 VLC media player features, read and apply to obtain most from VLC media player.

Remote Control VLC Media Player with Your Android Handset

With the introduction of “Remote for VLC Media Player” app; now you can turn your handset into a remote control for the media player as well. Following installing the app on your Smartphone, whatever the brand may be! You can effortlessly access the controls of VLC media player such as play, volume+ -, pause and more to your desired points to get the optimum pleasure of it.

Recording a Desktop Video using VLC Media Player

In the line of exploring top 9 VLC media player features, it’s an amazing feature that helps you to use VLC media player as a screen recording tool. A great support for video crazy users!

Displaying Song Lyrics with using VLC Media Player

Now you can display the lyrics of a song at your will with using a “Minilyrics” plug-in for VLC Media player. The plug-in can be used for a similar purpose with other than media player files like iTunes, Winamp, Windows media player files as well.

How to Extract Audio from a Video with using VLC Media Player

It’s yet another enticing feature from our top 9 VLC media player features! With using this feature, you can acquire a voice of any displaying video file, it’s an effortless feature. Following is a procedure how to separate sound from a video?

free download VLC Media Player 2.2.2 (64-bit)

free download VLC Media Player 2.2.2 (64-bit)

Downloading Subtitles with using VLC Media Player

Supportive VLC media player plug-ins help you to explore lots of hidden features of the tool, downloading subtitles from the Net is one enticing feature among them. Just install “VLsub” free plug-in into your device to enjoy the downloading of subtitles, along with an effortless searching of preferred subtitles out of the lot.

Playing YouTube Videos with Using VLC Media Player

Your desktop VLC media player is capable of doing tricks in lots of areas. You can play YouTube videos on your VLC media player, to do so, follow the instructions to make your journey successful in reaching the goal.

Watching 3D SBS Movies on VLC Media Player

In continuation of top 9 VLC media player features, here you can watch a 3D SBS (side by side) video on your VLC media player with the help of its appealing features as well. A 3D SBS movie converted into a single frame movie, now you can watch it with using regular 3D red glasses, here is the procedure to make it successfully.

How to Edit Videos using VLC Media Player

Media player doesn’t offer any editing tool. If we need to cut/slash any video on VLC media player. we use “Record” feature of VLC media player to do so effortlessly. Doing so, we initially record the desired video on VLC media player. then you trim/cut video using VLC media player as per your wish effortlessly.

free download VLC interface 2

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