Sandra Lite 2016 Free Download Full Version | Box of CD (Full Version Software Free Download)

Sandra Lite 2016 Free Download Full Version

Sandra Lite 2016 crack

Sandra Lite 2016 Free Download Full Version

Application Sandra Lite 2016 Free Download Full Version Si Software Sandra Lite (the System Analyzer. It also Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is an information & diagnostic utility. Sandra Lite 2016 crack should provide most of the information (including undocumented) you need to know about your hardware, software and other devices whether hardware or software.

Sandra in Sandra Lite 2016 crack is a (girl) name of Greek origin that means “defender”, “helper of mankind”. We think that’s quite fitting. SiSoftware Sandra Lite was designed to be a 32 and 64-bit Windows system analyzer that includes benchmarking, testing and listing modules.

You can see the Screenshot of Sandra Lite below:

Sandra Lite 2016 crack

sandra lite interface

It works along the lines of other Windows utilities. However it tries to go beyond them and show you more of what’s really going on. Sandra Lite 2016 crack Giving the user the ability to draw comparisons at both a high and low-level.

You can get information about the CPU, chipset, video adapter, ports, printers, sound card. Further more you information about memory, network, Windows internals, AGP, PCI, PCIe, ODBC Connections, USB2, 1394/Firewire, etc.

This is the best software in the IT history for the computer system. User can work smoothly with sandra program. Download this app from free.

Sandra Lite 2016 Key Features:

  • 6 native architectures support (x86, x64 – Windows; ARM, ARM64, MIPS, MIPS64, x86, x64 – Android)
  • Huge official hardware support through technology partners (AMD/ATI, nVidia, Intel)
  • 4 native (GP)GPU/APU platforms support (OpenCL, CUDA, DirectX Compute Shader, OpenGL Compute)
  • 4 native Graphics platforms support
  • 9 language versions (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Russian) in a single installer
  • Enhanced Sandra Lite (Eval) version (free for personal- educational use, evaluation for other uses)

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