Norton Ghost 2004 Full Version free download | Box of CD (Full Version Software Free Download)

Norton Ghost 2004 Full Version free download


Norton Ghost 2004 Full Version

Norton Ghost 2004 Full Version free download available now. In version 2004 of Ghost added Multicasting technology. The lead of a competitor, Image cast. Multicasting supports send a single back up image simultaneously to other machines Quickly. It’s do not put greater stress on the network. It’s difficult sending an image to a single machine. This version also introduce a Ghost Explorer and a windows program which support browsing the content of an image. You can extract individual files from it.

Explorer was enhanced to support to adding and deleting file in an image. It support Fat and later with ext3 and NTFS file system. Until 2008, Ghost Explorer could not edit NTFS images. Ghost Explorer work with images from older versions but only slowly. Version 4 images contain indexes to find files. Version 2004 also moved from MS DOS to to 286 protected mode.

norton ghost 2004

The Extra memory available allow ghost to provide several level of compression for image. It also provide the file browser. In 1998, Ghost 2004 support password protected images. Norton Ghost 2004  a consumer edition of Ghost. It was released on September 2002. It available as an independent product, Norton Ghost 2004 was also included as a component of Norton System Works 2004 Professional.

A simpler non-corporate version of Ghost, Ghost 2004 does not include the console but has a Windows front end to script Ghost operations. It creates a bootable Ghost disk. The machine still need to reboot to virtual partition. The user does not need to interact with DOS. Symantec deprecated Live Updates support for Norton Ghost 2004.


In Latest version GSS Agent (DAgent, and ADLAgent): GSS Agents require live network connectivity and at least More than 10 MB disk space. Other system requirements are the same as the host operating system. Also Norton Company recommend running the GSS Server components on a dedicated server with minimum 1 GHz processor with 1 GB RAM.But in Norton Ghost 2004 users are independent from these restrictions.

Symantec Ghost Solution 2004 is an award winning software solution for imaging and deploying laptops, desktops, intelligent machines, tablets and servers. It is a quickly and easily migrate way to the latest operating systems, perform custom magic configurations and deploy software across hardware platforms and new world operating systems.

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