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Bandicam Full Crack Latest Download


Bandicam Full Crack Latest Download

The task of recording content for personal or public use is now easier than ever. We can observe a massive spike regarding the demand for products that will perform in this area. Bandicam is such a product and it is aimed at everyone who wants a quality tool that delivers results. Bandicam crack full version is based on the huge growth of streaming videos, vlogs and all around video content that drives the Internet.

Bandicam crack has been around for almost 8 years and the developers of this tool have been upgrading it on a regular basis. This has led to a polished product that can achieve everything related to video capture. The developers, or rather the company comes from Korea and this may be considered a plus as these guys almost always prove to be ahead in technology.

Technology at its finest

As I mentioned before the company has strived to provide its customers with the ultimate experience in video recording. We will look at some features and see if they’ve met their goal. The new Bandicam is a game recorder, video capture, and desktop screen capture app that comes with:

  • Small file size of the recorded material
  • High quality of up to 4k Ultra HD recording
  • Layer II audio codec support – AAC, PCM and MPEG-1
  • Support for AVI 2.0 OpenDML (recorded files have no maximum limit)
  • High compression ratio
  • AVI/MP4 format support
  • Continuous image capture
  • BPM, PNG and JPEG image format support
  • FPS management using a frame rate control tool



It can get better, and it does

Now if we look at these features we can clearly see that they are quite standard among video recorders. We are facing a proliferation of tools that deal with recording content and choosing one or the other may prove difficult. But let’s look a little closer and maybe we can find out more. I say this because there are some features that really do stand out:

  • Improved performance – Hardware accelerated H.264 encoder – Intel, Nvidia and AMD supported
  • It supports almost all Fraps functions
  • The content can be uploaded to YouTube without conversion (even Full HD)
  • A total of 24 hours non-stop recording – Auto Complete Recording Function
  • It is much smoother because of the overall lower usage of CPU/GPU/HDD

update/patch dubbed Bandicam

As we are talking about an update/patch dubbed Bandicam we can talk about the new stuff. This is aimed at fixing bugs as well as adding a few goodies along the way. We all know it is the little things that shine the brightest:

  • Video for Windows (VFW) has the RGB colorspace option
  • License registration has got a command line
  • Registration can be done from the setup or program files
  • The “Open output folder” from the context menu has been improved
  • Improved security for the installer (DLL Hijacking)
  • Position/size and format settings will not allow for the same preset name


Yup, those damn things are everywhere. Well not anymore:

  • The large AVI files would suffer from specific data corruption ( 150 GB and above files would suffer from this)
  • You can now edit the preset name in the preset settings
  • Minor bugs also fixed

A great tool

The Bandicam crack can fit with ease in the top tier as far as recording applications are concerned. Managing the application is easy and intuitive, a great selection of menus is at hand and customization can be done effortlessly. Considering the benefits it has to offer a positive decision is imminent.

There are some considerations and steps to follow so that one does not find himself lost in all of the goodies. Check it out for yourself, do this by downloading the trial and start playing with the application.

Go online and check out the dedicated forum as this is the place where discussions related to the product take place. Experiences can be shared and issues can be made clear. This is a big plus as the community is an active one and this means that the developers are keeping tabs on the application.

If you are ready and willing you will have to buy it in order to get the full-fledged version. It costs 39$ for 1 PC and 59 $ for 2 PCs. You will get support and a lifetime guarantee by doing so. Purchase from Original site.

Final Word

Bandicam crack has best choice for you. its a premium and hold a lot of features.

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