Avast Free Antiviurs 2015 Offline Installer | Box of CD (Full Version Software Free Download)

Avast Free Antiviurs 2015 Offline Installer


Avast Free Antiviurs 2015 Offline Installer

The big feature of Avast 2015 is “Avast NG”. It is a hardware based virtuatlization solution. It is capable of running each process in its own standalone and virtualized environment. The process is isolated from rest of the system. it is still communicating as normal. This technology will also make the powerful with Sand box and Safe Zone component in this version.

Avast Free Antiviurs new feature is the Grime-Fighter which clean junk files and system settings tuning and optimization.

Secure-D.N.S is another feature that protect you from hackers. It means you will be using Avast DNS for name resolution and Avast can detect and block most of the malicious site before opening on your computer. Unfortunately this feature is only available in Avast Pro edition. The user of Avast-Free-Antivirus can use Open-D.N.S for better browsing.


  • Other changes in Avast 2015 include the following:
    Home-Network-Security scan your network for vulnerability just like Wi-Fi status and connected device and router setting.
  • HTTPS scanning is able to detect and decrypt TLS/SSL protected traffic in our Website-content filtering component. This feature will protect you against viruse and malicious things coming through HTTPs traffic and also adding compatibility for SPDY and HTTPS , HTTP 2.0 traffic.
  • Secure-DNS protect against DNS hacking on router and client including unsecured networks and public ones. This feature is active in the pro versions only.
  • Smart Scan integrate all on demand scans into 1 scan with different result and recommendations of choice. In which Includes Antivirus, Browser plug-ins, any Software updates and Home Network and Grime-Fighter.
  • Premier Avast Antivirus is a full protection suite for PC. The application has numerous-features and multi function security tools to protect your Computer. It has a modern Technology and techniques to protect your System or computer or machine.
  • Get full Installer free form official website.

Update:- Avast 2016 has been released now.

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