Actual Window Manager 8.9 Crack Full Version | Box of CD (Full Version Software Free Download)

Actual Window Manager 8.9 Crack Full Version

Actual Window Manager 8.9 Crack

Actual Window Manager 8.9 Crack

Actual Window Manager 8.9 Crack is available now only on

  • 50 desktop management tools.
  • Automation of routine window manipulations.
  • Virtual Desktops facility.
  • Must have Application or software for multimonitor setups.
  • Your productivity could be increased several times.

Full-Functional Desktop Environment for Multiple Displays

Using Actual Window Manager 8.9 crack, you will have a full-functional taskbar for each Display and many other feature to improve the multiple LCD’s/monitor’s desktop environment.

  • Full-functional taskbar for each Monitor
  • Screen Saver management and Desktop Background
  • Additional or multiple mouse features for multiple LCD’s or monitors management
  • Desktop profiles

Virtual Desktops for Effective Work

If you have a shortage or lack of workspace on the desktop, you can use virtual desktop included in Actual Window Manager. This dynamic tool allows you to increase your workspace and create the required number on virtual desktop.

  • A lot number of additional desktops
  • Each virtual desktop is individually and full-functional
  • Two mode of multiple monitor supports  / Independent and Classic
Actual Window Manager 8.9 Crack

Actual Window Manager 8.9 Crack

Configure Each Window Individually

Configure your Operating System as you wish. With Actual Window Manager 8.9 Crack, you can set many parameters for each window.

  • Set startup position and mode
  • Set window priority working.
  • Ignore deactivation mode

New Title Buttons for Improving Each Window

Many additional title buttons available to you with Actual Window Manager 8.9:

  • Move to the next monitor
  • Minimize to the system tray
  • Always on top
  • Resize a windows

Multiple Monitor Gaming

Gamers appreciate many feature of Actual Window Manager 8.9 that are develop specifically for increasing or enhancing multiple monitors gaming experience, that making it more convenient  and attractive:

  • Ignore Deactivation Tool prevents the game from being minimized when you switch to another application
  • Lock Mouse option locks the mouse pointer in a require or specific window or monitor that preventing it from leaving a game
  • and many others options avaialable.

Desktop Divider

The divider of program allows you to split the whole large desktop into several non-intersecting (tiles) areas. When you place a window into one of such area the windows will expand up to borders of tiles only. We could create as many custom tile layouts as we need and activates them on the fly as circumstances needed.

Improved Windows Folder Navigation

Actual Window Manager Program allows the use of two additional title buttons for each individual window. These Extra buttons improve Windows Folder Navigation bar, so we do not need to use long mouse manipulation through to the required folder.

  • Recent Folders
  • Favorite Folders
  • And Other

Technical Information

Version: 8.9 what’s new
Release date: Oct 18, 2016
Work on: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
Windows Server 2012 R2 / 2012 / 2008 R2 / 2008 / 2003 / 2000

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